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Join the biggest and fastest shipping service in Bermuda.

We ship more packages to and from Bermuda than anyone else. We’re passionate about friendly, personal service, fast processes and reasonable prices.

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Ship your online purchases to Bermuda easily and quickly with a Mailboxes membership.

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Do you want to send a gift, passport or any kind of document?

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Post Boxes

Rent a Post Box at Mailboxes with 24 hours access and the highest level of security.

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Out Bound bring
Value home 70%
on returns

Not happy with your online order? As a member of Mailboxes, you’ll get 70% off your shipment cost when returning items to your supplier.

Save 70% on returns.

Got the wrong size? No worries. All Mailboxes

members return items back to the supplier at

a 70% discount!

The best shipping rates in Bermuda

Shipping can be complicated. Mailboxes prides itself on being the most user-friendly, best value-for-money shipping service in Bermuda. We consolidate your packages to save you money and provide a hassle-free import experience.
  • Only pay the first pound rate once when you consolidate
  • No dimensional charges under 1,000 cubic inches
  • Only $2.95 per pound over 30 lbs

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