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Inbound Shipments

Ship your online purchases to Bermuda easily and quickly with a Mailboxes membership. You’ll get a dedicated account number and USA shipping address, together with some great deals on our Rewards Programme. By teaming up with DHL, we ensure favourable prices and fast delivery to Bermuda, usually taking within two to three business days to get here, from the day your shipment is received at our Forwarding Centre in the U.S.A.

  • Make sure you provide us with your order invoice
    (see Ordering Online) so that we can expedite your
    package through Customs quickly and efficiently,
    which will help to expedite shipping and delivery
  • Orders are received and forwarded by our Forwarding
    Centre Monday-Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Ordering Online

Follow these instructions when ordering online, so we can help bring your purchases home quickly and efficiently:

Send your invoice


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Our Shipping

We are the the best rates in Bermuda and our friendly staff are always ready to help.
Use our shipping calculator to work out the cost of landing your items.
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  • $19.95

    First Pound.

  • $5.95

    2-30 Pound.

  • $3.95

    over 30 pounds