Do you want to send a gift, passport or any kind of document?

Outbound Shipments

We’ll find the least expensive courier service to send your particular document or package overseas.

Rates differ depending on the destination and courier used.

Mailboxes members will automatically get 20% off any shipment from our offices through DHL.


Not happy with your online order? If you imported your package with Mailboxes, you’ll get 70% off your shipment cost when returning items to your supplier.


Need help to pack and ship valuable or household items anywhere in the world?

If it fits in a box, we can pack your items, take care of the paperwork and handle door-to-door delivery with DHL Worldwide.

Whether you’re shipping 1 or 25 boxes, we’ll find the least expensive way for you to get your shipments off-island and guarantee delivery within 2 to 4 business days, door-to-door.

Contact us for a free estimate for everything, including packing.