We’re Moving!

We moved our U.S.A. warehouse to Delaware.

Moving to Delaware brings two major improvements to our service.

  • No sales tax should be attached to your purchases because Delaware does not charge sales tax.
  • Better proximity to Amazon fulfilment centres and FedEx shipping hubs, so your packages can arrive more quickly.

Your only change is the address you send to!

All packages must be sent to your new address effective immediately.

[Your Name]
405 Old Dupont Road Building 7
Express [Your Membership #] OR Weekly [Your Membership #]
Wilmington, Delaware 19804

If you can’t remember your address don’t forget that it is available on your profile in your Mailboxes Dashboard:

Packages sent to the old address after August 22 will experience major delays!

Please ensure that you are using this updated address for all future orders.

It is important that all our clients are aware of this change.

We will be contacting every customer to inform you all about your new address.
If you do not wish to be contacted you can

  • Click the link in the email we sent you
  • Tap the link in the text we sent you or …
  • call us at 292-6563 and tell us your name and your membership number.

We are keeping a record of everyone who has responded to the change.
If you respond we will make no further efforts to contact you.
If you don’t respond you will be receiving a call from us to inform you about this move!

We’re here to help

As always, our staff in Bermuda are available to assist should you have any questions or concerns.

To get in touch, please give us a call at 292-6563

or email us at inbound@mailboxes.bm
with the subject line “Delaware Questions”.

A member of our team will reply within 24 hours.

We hope you’ll enjoy the benefits of this change as much as we’ve enjoyed working on this improvement!