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Moving can be overwhelming, but no need to worry. We take extra care to pack and ship your things by air, so they’ll arrive at your new place in a jiffy and in one piece. We’ll even handle all the boring bits like inventory, insurance, customs and coordinating final mile delivery.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Mailboxes Relocation Services?
    We offer air-freight shipping of any belongings our clients want to send to their new homes as quickly and safely as possible. We take inventory of everything you are shipping with our service, individually hand-pack your items, handle all the Customs documents, and ensure delivery of your items directly to your new address. ProPacks relocation service is fully insured, offering you that extra peace of mind while you’re en route.
    What is the benefit of using Mailboxes Relocation services?
    No matter how heavy or light, durable or delicate the piece, we take great care to ensure your items arrive without incident. Not only that, but throughout the entire process, we take care of every step along the way: from taking inventory, packing your belongings, coordinating with Customs, and ensuring safe delivery of everything right to your doorstep. The benefit of using Mailboxes is to alleviate the stress of moving while we ensure your most important objects are with you on Day 1.
    Are there any minimums for Mailboxes' ProPacks Service?
    Mailboxes' ProPacks service is the heavyweight champ of Bermuda, perfect for shipping a minimum of 75lbs worth of your belongings. And guess what? Our Export Service has no borders! So even if you're jetting off to distant lands on your relocation, don't forget to spread the word to your Bermuda friends being left behind - they too can enjoy Mailboxes' AH-MAZ-ING export rates for ANY shipment over 75lbs.
    How do I get started?
    Fill out the form above and a member of our team will be in touch! We will come to your residence/business, note all accurate and necessary information, and provide an estimate from there. Following that, it's on us to take care of everything. Say hello to your first smooth and stress-free moving experience.
    How long does the shipping process take?
    The shipping time can vary depending on the size and weight of the items being shipped, as well as the destination. However, we strive to provide our clients with the fastest shipping times possible and can usually make it anywhere in the world within 7-10 days.
    How much does this service cost?
    The cost of our shipping service depends on several factors including the size, weight, and final destination country of where the items are being shipped. Once you’ve engaged our team, they’ll be able to visit your location and offer you an estimate site on scene. We offer competitive pricing and strive to provide our clients with the best value for their money.
    Do I have to be present at the pickup and delivery?
    An authorized representative does not need to be present for the pick up, but we do require a signed estimate and deposit, in some cases, for the collection/packing process to begin. Once your shipment is packed, and the final invoice is settled, we’ll export your shipment from Bermuda within 24hrs. You will need an authorized representative to be present for receiving your items on "the other side."
    Will you store my effects if I'm not ready to go yet?
    We offer short-term storage as a part of our standard ProPacks service. If your storage needs are greater than 7 days, please mention your requirements to our team and for them to include in the final estimate.
    Do you offer Ocean relocation services for larger items?
    Mailboxes ProPacks service is best suited for transporting your time sensitive belongings – including books, clothes, legal documents, Jimmy’s stuffed animals, office supplies, and any other essentials - which you’ll need on Day 1 in your new home. And for those larger, bulkier furniture items, we have partnered with a trusted ocean freight provider who can assist in moving life's bigger assets with care and efficiency.
    What items are you unable to move?
    Items bigger than 120” in any dimension. Guns, ammunition, drugs, cash, human remains, cremations/ashes, Dangerous Goods (paint, flammable aerosols, etc.), Live plants or animals.
    Can I move my pets?
    We unfortunately don’t offer this service at this time.
    Can I move my potted plants?
    Unfortunately, we cannot export live plants from Bermuda.
    What should I do with valuables such as jewellery and stamp collections?
    These items are excluded from transit insurance cover, and as such need to be transported by you to your destination.
    How should I pack my items if I prefer to do it myself?
    We are able to provide you with packing materials for your move. Alternatively you can use your own packing materials. You will require: Clean sturdy cartons, Bubble wrap, Marking pens, and Tape. All packages are required to be opened for physical inspection prior to going on an airplane. If you do pack the items yourself, our team is unable to track inventory and you will need to provide an itemized invoice of the shipments content. You should be prepared that Mailboxes or our airline partners will open the shipments for security inspections. Self packs are insured for loss, but not for damage.
    Is there specialist packing that can be used for our antiques?
    Yes! We have experienced antique & fine art transportation specialists on our team, so you can be sure your delicate products are well taken care of and in safe hands.
    How do I know that my valuable items will be safe during the shipping process?
    We take the utmost care in packing and shipping our clients' items. We use high-quality packing materials and our team is trained to pack items securely to minimize any potential damages during transit. Additionally, our service is fully insured from door-to-door, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your items are protected.
    What should I do if the volume of my shipment changes?
    Get in touch with your Mailboxes point of contact and we will review the estimate as necessary.
    What is transit insurance and why is it important?
    Transit insurance is a special type of insurance that protects against any unexpected events that might occur during transit. Just as you need to protect your belongings from loss whilst they are in your home, you also need to protect them throughout the moving process.